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Our history goes back to 1906 with the arrival of Methodist ministers, summer students and lay preachers to our area.  The first church home was built in 1910. We were part of  the newly formed United Church of Canada when the Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists joined in 1925.  In the following years, we moved into two separate buildings, one in 1943 and our present church in 1958.

In 1969 Brooks-Rolling Hills Cooperative Parish was formed by the joining of Brooks, Rolling Hills, Duchess and Blow Slope congregations into a multi-point pastoral charge. Since then these congregations have amalgamated into one point, at Brooks United Church.

Throughout all these changes and transitions, we are thankful for those who, through their faith, began our history, those who followed in faith to extend our history, and those who continue in faith today to carry on our history.

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